#Navratri Special!

Namaskāraḥ! Welcome back! As promised, we are back with another write-up for you to sit back and enjoy! Firstly, I would like to remind all my readers to remain vigilant in these uncertain times and take care of themselves, thus keeping the virus away from you! I would like to congratulate all erstwhile COVID-19 patients for having recovered from this virus, and pray for the speedy recovery of those of you who are presently dealing with this disease. 🙏 Now, you all might be wondering why I have started the blog for today in Sanskrit?!… So, let me tell you… As the title suggests, today’s blog is about the ongoing festival in India-Navratri. I decided to write the opening line in Sanskrit because for all of those who don’t know, Navratri is a Sanskrit word. “Nava” means nine and “ratri” means nights. This suggests that this is a nine-day festival. So, in today’s blog I will be sharing with you some facts that I know about this 9-day festival!😊

Garba during the Festival

For all those who aren’t aware, Navratri is associated with the prominent battle that took place between Durga and the demon Mahishasura. It celebrates the victory of good over evil and teaches us to remain strong and not be deterred by other’s thoughts about you. Each day has a significance and is dedicated to the various forms of the Goddess Durga. Each day has been assigned a unique color that represents an important life skill portrayed by the Goddess. 🙌

  • The 1st day is dedicated to Shailaputri, an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati. The color of this day is Red, which depicts action and vigor. This day teaches us to remain strong and look at all sorts of problems with a cool mind.
  • The 2nd day is dedicated to Brahmacharini, another incarnation of the Goddess that is worshipped. This day depicts Parvati in her unmarried self as Sati. The color of the day is Blue, which depicts tranquility yet strong energy. This particular day teaches us to be peaceful, yet strong. It teaches us to be harmless towards others, but at the same time, being firm about your rights and making sure you get them. For example, if someone insults you over the net (cyber bullying) one should not see it as an opportunity to hit back and hurt them, but instead save yourselves from the trolling and continue to have belief in yourself.
  • The 3rd day is devoted to Chandraghanta. Yellow is the color of the third day, which is a vivacious color and can pep up everyone’s mood. This day teaches one to keep a cool mind, enjoy and not get bothered by people’s thoughts on you.
  • The 4th day is committed to Kushmanda, who is associated with the endowment of vegetation on earth and hence, the color of the day is Green. This day teaches us to remain grounded and continue to practice good values. It also teaches you to love nature and take care of your environment.
  • The 5th day is committed to Skandamata. The color Grey, which is symbolic of the transforming strength of a mother when her child is confronted with danger. This day teaches us the importance of family and talks about the bond between us humans, and why is it so sacred.
  • The 6th day is devoted to Katyayani, an incarnation of Durga. She is known to have exhibited courage and therefore the color of the day is Orange. This day tutors us to remain courageous and have the strength to stand-up to out fears.
  • The 7th day is devoted to  Kalaratri, the most fearsome form of Goddess Durga. The color of the day is White, which portrays prayer and peace. This day teaches us to realize the divine intervention that helps us out of tight situations and teaches us to believe in the universe.
  • The 8th day is devoted to Mahagauri who symbolizes intelligence and peace. This day is marked with the color Pink, which reflects optimism. This day teaches us to use our knowledge and remain calm and peaceful.
  • The 9th day is dedicated to Sidhidatri. The color code of the day is Light Blue that symbolizes admiration towards nature’s beauty. This day not only teaches us to understand the importance of our environment but also teaches us to accept ourselves the way we are. It tutors us to love us and not finds faults in ourselves – follow self love. ❤
The Avatars of the Goddess Parvati🙏

I think each of these 9 days teaches us an important lesson, a lesson we can use in our lives.

My main reason to write this blog was to give you some inspiration to lead your lives well! You see, even Gods and Goddesses want you to be patient, strong and self-loving… And, after all, one shouldn’t defy a direct order from the Immortals! 🙏

Now, Dear Readers, I shall bid you adieu! Hope this post of mine tells you a few things you were’t aware about! Also, I would want to remind you all to not lose hope as these tough times shall pass. This Navratri pray to the Almighty with all your heart and request the Gods and Goddesses to put an end to this disease. Spread love, take care, see you all next time! Until then… Buh-Bye!👋

(Please note the information about the festival has been gathered from Wikipedia)

Sarisha and the team.

17 thoughts on “#Navratri Special!

  1. Oh wow! This is so informative! I learnt a lot of new facts as Jiya said. I think it was great that you followed a particular order and mentioned a good amount of information about each day. Short and consistent 🙂 Great writing. I did have one question though – did you get this information from a source on the internet, school, interviewing a family member, etc? This topic is really interesting and i’m not sure if i’m the only one but I would love to read further on the topic and I guess the source of your wonderful information would be a great place to start!


    1. Hey Aadya, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I did know a bit earlier, the rest I learnt from my mom and to actually get a confirmation, I used Wikipedia too! Am sure you would like to read from there!


  2. Hello All! Pls shower your love and support on our blogs! Also, pls note, this is the updated version of the blog, due to a technical glitch, the blog was published before t was finally done, therefore, a few important factors were missing! Sorry for the inconvenience.. but, if u haven’t read the updated version, I would request you to go through the blog again! Also, if u love this festival, pls slide into the comments and drop #Navratri_is_love! Do share an anecdote/ memorable incident if u have any related to this festival and am sure it would be fun to know and interact, albeit virtually! Thank you and do like, comment below and share our blogs with your dear ones and also don’t forget to follow “The New World Order” to never miss an update if any of us posts!


  3. Extremely well written, Sarisha! Keep it up! Ans, I agree with Aadya, this topic is so informative, and I am sure that I would love to discover more about this! Great topic! 😃


  4. Dear SARISHA It gives me a great pleasure to see you writing about the mythological importance of each day of 9 days of NAVRATRA. The Blog is nicely penned & wish to see you writing on different subjects . God Bless you .


  5. NavDurga Navratri Pujan

    नवरात्रि पूजन व्रत कन्या पूजन हवन

    Navratri Pujan


    नवदुर्गा साधना
    नवरात्रि पूजन

    नवदुर्गा मंत्र
    कलश पूजन विधि मंत्र

    पूजन मंत्र

    ब्रह्मचारिणी देवी
    पूजन मंत्र

    चन्द्र धन्टा
    पूजन मंत्र

    कुष्मांडा देवी
    पूजन मंत्र

    स्कंद माता
    पूजन मंत्र

    कात्यायनी देवी
    पूजन मंत्र

    कालरात्रि देवी
    पूजन मंत्र

    महागौरी देवी
    पूजन मंत्र

    सिद्धिदात्री देवी
    मंत्र पूजन

    कंजक पूजा
    कन्या पूजा

    नवरात्रि नवदुर्गा

    नवरात्रि व्रत
    Navtratri Fast

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