The Shield Of Cloth

Hey readers! Welcome back to The New World Order. We hope all of you are doing well during this pandemic. We wish a speedy recovery to all Covid patients and congratulate those who have won against this deadly virus. Others, please stay safe and stay healthy!

Before I start with today’s blog, let me clarify that this post is not to bother anybody or to say against an opinion but solely for informational and entertainment purposes. Today’s post is about masks. All of us wear masks as they are a mandate by the government in India and many other countries. But most of us are against the idea as they are a little uncomfortable to wear, or we don’t think about why the government is making us wear masks. Well, lucky for you even I have thought about this. I’m going to clear this once and for all.ย 

The thing about wearing masks is simplistic. When we speak or even breathe, droplets come out of our mouths. These droplets can lead to the spread of Covid-19. The mask prevents these droplets from escaping our environment. There was a study conducted about the same. Some people without masks were told to say a simple phrase. Their mouths released many droplets into the atmosphere. The same thing was done by people who were wearing a mask. They did not release as many droplets. In conclusion, people wearing masks create a safer environment for others around them to breathe.

Now another big question is that what kind of mask to wear?! I will answer this question also for you. An N95 respirator is recommended for use. Surgical masks can also be worn. Some people find them more comfortable to wear. Three ply cloth masks are the best, for outside-of-home use. These days, masks come in various designs and fashions. Provided it is of the right type, people can wear a range of colors and designs.

Masks have started having more fashion value than clothes now! Today in the world, it has become somewhat of a trend, wearing masks that are decorated. Everywhere, you can spot decorated masks, some that delight, some that frighten, to some that remind one of the increasing problems caused due to Global Warming. Well, as we all know that a beloved, spooky, and frightening holiday is just around the corner, and people have already started wearing spooky masks in celebration of it. Design your mask and wear it with confidence. Let the creativity flow!ย 

I hope you found this blog useful and entertaining. With this, I part from you all. Be here again next week for a fresh post with my thought. Goodbye and good day till then! 

-Avani and Team

6 thoughts on “The Shield Of Cloth

  1. Great blog Avani! Entertaining and informative at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚
    I loved the explanation. Convinced me to keep my mask on at all times ๐Ÿคช

    Liked by 1 person

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