Corbett!! An Experience

Ah! Finally. A step outside the house turns into a drive, and that turns into a trip. Sipping my coffee sitting on the deck, looking out on a large cliff across the Kosi river.

Oh, hi readers! Didn’t see you there. I was still on my trip in Jim Corbett. Not literally, but well, yeah. Anyways, this time, I am taking a break from my series (yeah, I can’t believe it too!! After I obsessed with it so much 🤣🤣) and telling you guys a bit about my trip, to JIM CORBETT!!!!

Ok, so let me start… but where? Maybe… ok yes. So going to Corbett was about a 5-hour drive. Very boring, so I will skip to the hotel. When we arrived at our hotel, our temperatures were checked. We were all fatigued, so we crashed in our room, well, at least me and my grandfather. My sister and parents went and ate. That was about it for the first day of our trip. Except, well, when we went for high tea, we saw something called the Himalayan Goral. A goral is a dear type animal, and we can see it on cliffs. Here’s a pic. Ya, it’s at a 90 degrees ANGLE!!!

Now starts the fun. On the second day of our trip, y family went for a morning safari. We went to the Jhirna zone on the first day, where we tried following the tracks of tigers. No such luck. Ohhh, but we saw an elephant in elephant grass and (you’re not going to believe this!!) the GRASS WAS AS TALL AS THE ELEPHANT!!. And then we saw a freak of nature, the kite. It was just hovering!! IN one place!! And not moving at all!! WOW!! Here’s a pic of a weaver’s nest (incomplete) for ya!

And we also saw many animals, for example, the Sambar deer. Here, take a look:

Anyways, we came back from the Safari, and well, we had breakfast. After the safari, it was quite an average day. That is, except when our friends arrived, one day late, but they arrived.

Ok, so the next day, we went to the Bijrani zone. And in that zone, we saw sooooo many things. But this was by far the best!!!!!

Oh yeah!! The light, the walk, everything!! I mean perfection, am I right? I am right, aren’t I?

But the best hadn’t even begun yet. With sad faces, knowing that we hadn’t seen any predators, we were all on deck, for high tea. Here is some history, I have been to Corbett thrice (this being the third). I have seen big cats (tigers usually) EVERY TIME!! I was praying, ‘Corbett, don’t disappoint me. Don’t disappoint me. Don’t disappoint me.’ And so, Corbett obliged. We saw another Goral, and so did THREE LEOPARDS! They travelled across the huge cliff across open ground and we got to SEE THEM SO CLEARLY!! HERE, HAVE A LOOK!

I know right!! Right at deck, I mean, why did we even bother for a safari!! And then, my mom and I thought that we would be able to take another look at them in the morning at around 6. And WE WERE RIGHT! But unfortunately, we were unable to get there in time. We missed them by around half an hour. But that day in the morning, there were wild dogs going crazy, and it was a wild goose search. We didn’t see the three leopards again, but we did see these:

Peregrine Falcon


Oh well, let me bask in the glory of the animals again, and see you guys, next time! Till then, stay home, stay safe!

– Samarth and team

6 thoughts on “Corbett!! An Experience

  1. Wow, that’s a lovely post, but an envious one too! Glad that you all enjoyed, but I do want to be back in Corbett especially with the winters setting in! Thanks, u found me another wish I might want to pester my parents for! 😉

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