Hey guys!!! How you doing? Close followers might have noticed that my weeping has ended now. I’m back! Oh, and I promised (myself) not to obsess on the fact that this is MY FIRST SERIES!!!! And I also put it on my checklist to do so. Now that’s done; two birds, one stone.

Ok, so continuing, lemme cut straight to the chase. But first, I wanna apologise that our post came in the evening today and not in the morning. Anyhoo, moving forward, my two pieces of the day:

    Arguably the best James Bond the world has seen, Sean Connery, passed away on the 31st October, 2020. We’ve lost so many good people this year 😭😭!! Well, here are some deets on him:
    Born: 25 August 1930, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Died: 31 October 2020, Nassau, The Bahamas
    Spouse: Micheline Roquebrune (m. 1975–2020), Diane Cilento (m. 1962–1973)
    And all of those who don’t know him, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THE JAMES BOND MOVIES TO ALL OF YOU, or, at least, those who are old enough for it.
    I’m pretty sure most people will be following this. And, I am not going to be surprised if some of you miss this blog for those elections, well, lemme tell you what’s going on as I write this blog. Here are the current statistics:

So, who are you supporting? And lemme tell you, it’s not an easy choice. Hit us up in the comments and let us know!

Sorry guys, but that’s it for today. And, due to the recent change in our schedule, we will meet you again 4 days from today. And until them, stay home, stay safe!

– Samarth and the team

6 thoughts on “#RANDOM!3.0

  1. Really well written. I can’t help mentioning again and again i love the idea of a blog with news posts.

    P.S. I am supporting Biden – Harris all the way 🙂


  2. Well written Samarth Bhaiya!!!………. Keep u the good work!😁. You know I like Joe Biden and now I am so happy that he is elected as long as Donald Trump was very very successful! And yes happy Diwali in advance!🪔🪔🪔

    Regards your friend
    Alisha Vig 5-A😜😊💖


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