Hello Readers! Hope each one of you is doing absolutely fit and fine! Today, I am here to inform you about a change in the frequency of posting. So, as many of you may know, the exam season is super near. Last time, during the exams, we stopped posting completely and you all had to see a huge delay in the posts. This time, all us authors have taken a unanimous decision that instead of not posting during our exams, we will be posting one in 4 days. Earlier, we posted on alternate days, like you all might already know. Just thought we will come and let you all know about this decision! Thanks and see you all on the 5th!

Until then, through the comment section of this post, please let us know what you would want to read next…

-The Team (Sarisha Jaggi, Jiya Vig, Avani Gupta, Arrush Sethi, Samarth Samapath)

6 thoughts on “#Posts

      1. Yes thank you a lot. But don’t you think only young readers would be interested in books which are only meant for their evel and obviously we would write about something which we would suggest…what about the other people reading the blog…it wont be exactly what they want to read about…just a question but a lovely idea! 😀


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