We are all in this together…

Hey readers!

As you all are aware, we are currently in a self isolation because of this pandemic caused by covid-19 AKA coronavirus.

We wanted to share our views on the lockdown and how it will be better for us to find the bright side of this pandemic and win this war.


First of all we would like to empathise with all covid-19 patients and their families. May god give them the strength and faith to deal with this tough time. We wish the world a speedy recovery. We understand the pain of everybody dealing with any kind of discomfort; our best wishes to all.

At this point, there are problems at all levels, nevertheless, if you have life, you have the world. In our busy routine lives, we seldom have time to enjoy with our loved ones. During this lockdown, we have developed stronger relationships with every member of the family. Look at the world around, the air is cleaner; the whales, birds and other animals have returned to their natural habitat and the water bodies are cleaner. Back home, The Yamuna River, which was like a dumpster for sewage is cleaner today than before.

As students of The Shriram Millennium School, Noida, the core values of our school have taught us to be better human beings, the ways to deal with the ups and downs, the highs and lows of life as they come. We take this opportunity to share them with you today.

  • Pride in oneโ€™s own heritage- as Indians we are habitual to join our hands in namaste to greet people. Recently, this action has been adopted by the whole world post the pandemic threat. Itโ€™s like going back to our roots.
  • Integrity- we have been taught that we should do the right thing even when no one is watching. The lockdown rules state that we should stay inside our homes so it is a request to practice self monitoring which will be beneficial for you and ultimately, India. Take care of yourself and wash your hands regularly, use sanitizers and leave your house only for necessary tasks. Wear masks whenever going out and eat healthy.
  • Pursuit of excellence- Thanks to the efforts of the present government, as soon as India touched the mark of 20 patients, it started screening all foreign travellers at the international airports. The rate at which the virus has spread its tentacles is much lower in India as compared to other countries.
  • ย Sensitivity- we have to show sensitivity towards all.ย  Please donate for relief measures, provide appropriate wages for everyone; after all, they need the money as much as you do. Encourage your family and friends to stay home and protect them.

This pandemic may have turned our lives upside down but surely weโ€™ll come out of it as better humans, more compassionate and considerate; value our resources in the long run. A lot of patients have been successfully treated and sent back home so stay optimistic, make the best out of what life has to offer. stay home and stay safe. we will be back soon

-Avani Gupta and team

34 thoughts on “We are all in this together…

    1. So well penned Avani ..!
      It was so nice stopping by ..!!! Wishing you lots of success in the blogging journey and as a coincidence I too m in class 8..!
      One thing I loved was that you appreciate your school n teachers ..! That is a very important thing ..!!!! We sometimes start doing great things n forget itโ€™s our school and teachers who have made us capable to b here ..!
      Marvellous blog gurl

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I commented n realised that my site name didnโ€™t appear..!
        My name did not appear as a hyperlink due to a problem

        So if u feel like visiting



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