Get To Know Me 2.0

Helllooo dear readers! Your favorite blogger, Jiya Vig, is back with another interesting post on The New World Order! Today the team has decided that since the New Years is nearby and we all have the "Get to know me vibe!", so dear readers I present you the Get To Know Me 2.0! Anyways, peeepppssssssssss, … Continue reading Get To Know Me 2.0


Bonjour Lecteurs!😊 Welcome Back! Hope you're all doing well! Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in some of the recent blogs, we all have been trying hard to keep you engaged in our blogs, however, due to some personal inconveniences, we haven't been posting regularly. But, rest assure, it is unlikely … Continue reading #LOCKDOWN_LIFE