The Electric Brain

The nervous system, dear readers, is fundamentally electric. When we do any motion, say, move our arm, it moves because a signal is sent to the muscle of the arm from the brain! And that message is made of charged atoms that move in and out of nerve cells. It’s, in all simplicity, electricity. Now, because the brain is electric, we could also use electricity to record what the brain is doing, or bypass it entirely, and control a body. That means that we could use our minds to move other people’s bodies, restore movement to those who are paralyzed, feel through an artificial hand as though it were our own, and even READ. PEOPLE’S. MINDS. Shocking, right? Sorry, bad pun.

Even though electricity wasn’t really understood in the 1800’s, its ability to influence the human body was known at least since ancient Roman times, when a peculiar phenomenon occurred. A man stepped on an electric fish, and was suddenly relieved of gout pain! In 1804, Giovanni Aldini discovered he could make people’s muscle’s move with electricity. He conducted an experiment by exposing the dead body of a criminal to electricity, making the corpse actually sit up and open his eyes!!!!

Neuroelectric Physiologists have researched on methods to control humans with nothing but batteries. A human body can be hacked, with no surgery required. Just attach electrodes to your arm, which communicate via Bluetooth to a neuroelectric physiology computing software!! Check this video out, where Greg Gage shows you how to control somebody’s body with your brain.

Hope you are just as interested in this as I am!! What do you think of this experiment? Post it down in the comments!

8 thoughts on “The Electric Brain

  1. This has such interesting information I love the facts! Can you do more posts like this guys? It’s a really amazing idea and very well written post arrush

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