Persistent Pastimes!

Hey readers! Welcome back to The New World order. How are you? Its Avani with a new blog post on top five new hobbies I saw during the lockdown. These hobbies were picked up by people I know and were unknowingly developed to a great extent due to this pandemic. the most famous five are listed below.

  1. Gardening. During the lockdown, the gardeners weren’t coming and the beauty of the garden wasn’t very high one peoples priority lists, so people started taking care of their own gardens and plants. the people who don’t have gardens have made their balconies very green and fresh. People have grown close to their plants and they are considered therapeutic. Watching a plant grow is good for morale. it makes you believe in life.
18 Creative Small Garden Ideas - Indoor and Outdoor Garden Designs for  Small Spaces
  1. Cooking and baking. The lack of part time help and cooks, forced people to cook for themselves. This essentially helped people identify their love for cooking. one may find peace in cooking and feeding loved ones or better, eating! Cooking and baking often have an aesthetic significance…
  2. Knitting or crochet. knitting and crochet is a very satisfactory and relaxing. You can get playful with the yarn and make endless designs. On the plus side, people will always be amazed of your work. it is very good exercise for your hands.
  3. Art. the free time in people started the creative process of art. When they had nothing to do, a paper and a pencil gave them support. I myself painted a lot last year. (god i’m not used to saying last year) you can express yourself in the form of art. itr has no restrictions or rules, your mind is your canvass. art is freedom. (too much?)
  4. last but not least is coding or programming. Many people started coding this year. as we are progressing into a technological age, coding becomes an essential skill. it is very useful and fun to do.

These were, my friends the top five hobbies that my friends and people around me developed during the time they were homebound. many of these hobbies also help people cope with tension, stress and anxiety too. Talking about stress, I need to give y’all some news…we will be taking a break till 5th of March, 2021 as we have our Final exams. talk about tension, am I right? anyway, we are sorry for the break and will be resuming shortly!

comment down below, what hobby you developed during the lockdown! will you recommend this hobby to others?

Now, I take leave from here dear readers, see you in a month!

– Avani and Team

16 thoughts on “Persistent Pastimes!

  1. Great post Avani!! And totally agree, these pastimes truly gained a huge significance to us during the pandemic!! And as for me, I prefer Coding and Programming, and I would surely recommend this to others, because it’s just so much fun designing something from scratch and seeing it work and function!

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  2. Amazing topic for a blog post Avani! I’ve seen at least one person in my immediate friends and family circle pick up each of these hobbies. I like the metaphor you used to describe gardening. Quite interesting!

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  3. Interesting post, Avani! I really loved the blog topic, it was quite different and informative!
    These hobbies have helped us keep ourselves sane during these unprecedented times, and they’re all such amazing habits to inculcate!
    All the best for upcoming posts!

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  4. Your write-up on pursuing hobbies especially during Covid-19 pandemic. The hobbies mentioned in the write-up are rich both creativity and content. All the five hobbies penned down, if pursued, give one opportunity to how best to utilize your time productively and also draw out the creative instinct dormant in the deep recesses of our own self. God willing all these hobbies mentioned in your write-up are impressive and extraordinary penned.

    As far as my hobbies are concerned, I pursue reading and writing as my hobbies. You can go through my writings on various subjects. I too have authored two booked captioned INNER THOUGHTS.

    God may bestow you all great success in whatever you people aspire.

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