What’s The Fuss With These Resolutions?

What’s up folks? New Year’s Eve is almost upon us, and with that comes the LEGENDARY NEW YEAR!!!!!! You know what they say, right? When life gives you New Year’s, make the next more awesome than last year. Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking, “That’s gonna be a hella lot easy this time.” Well, my dark-minded friends, I cannot say I don’t agree with you. Because… I agree. BIG TIME. 2020 is almost over now, and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that it wasn’t the best year we’ve had. If you could just see my face right now. I’m super psyched! Not only because we can put an end to this horrific (Ahem, ahem, yes, ahem) year, but also because it’s New Year’s!!!! NEW YEAR’S!!! I think you understand how I feel about New Year’s by now, right?

Anyway, as much as I would like to scream the words “New Year’s!!!” again and again, we need to get to our topic, or else my team’s gonna be angry at me for stretching it too long. (Don’t tell them) 🤫🤫 So what’s up with today’s topic? I’m guessing many of you know what New Year resolutions are. For those of you who don’t they are just simple promises people make at the end of the year, usually focusing on something they want to correct about themselves. So why do we do this? We strive to make new year resolutions to make ourselves better, to improve ourselves as we can. But that’s not what I meant. Why do we do this, on New Year’s itself?

Taking a look at the psychology of a person, the reason is that when New Year’s rolls around, people think of it as a chance to turn a new page, to start again. And that’s why people strive to accomplish New Year Resolutions. But that’s not really logical if you ask me. Why should people do it on New Year’s itself? Why not every month? Every day? Why do people not try to improve themselves more often than once in three hundred and sixty-five days? New Year Resolutions are a pointless concept, if you really think about it. Choosing a single day which falls at the start of a new year to start a major change in life isn’t logical, because when they don’t work, you feel like a loser, and your instinct just tells you to wait till the next year to enforce another resolution.

So, to conclude, if you feel like making a change in your life, don’t wait for the year to end. Be spontaneous, just like my friend told you to be in a previous post. Live your life like you own it, because you do, and you don’t have to make a big resolution every year. Work your way up to your goal, step by step, because jumping forward on the 1st of January won’t really help at all. Stay home, stay safe, and until next time, dear readers!

-Arrush and The Team

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