#The Next Post

Hi guys!

This is Arrush, and today I have some bad news for you… Our next post was meant to be Avani’s, but she is a little unwell, so she couldn’t really find the time to write a draft. We were hoping she could swap her posting day with someone else, but no one else was available and free enough to write a post as fast as they could, in time to post today. So we’ll just go forward and skip her turn for this time, and we’ll continue as normal after this post. Sarisha, will post on Friday, and so on.

So let’s give Avani all our wishes, so that she can get well soon, in time to write her next post, and we can get more likes and comments. Just kidding! 😂 But still, let’s hope she DOES get well soon.

Until next time, dear reader, stay home, and stay safe!

-Arrush and The Team

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