Hello guys! Welcome back to this new ‘episode’ of #RANDOM! My first series!!! Ya, I know I am obsessing, but IT’S MY FIRST SERIES!!!! Sorry, got over that now. Let’s do what you guys are really here for, read a blog.

So last time we discussed Donald Trump and the White house, and Eddie Van Halen (may his soul rest in peace.) I hope you like this blog better than the last one, and if you didn’t like the last one, then I hope to turn you around. So, here goes…

  1. Navratri:
    In India, we are celebrating Navratri, the festival lasting nine nights. So we basically worship our Hindu goddesses on all these nine nights, one by one. Then, on the tenth day, we celebrate Vijay Dashami. It is the day the Ram triumphed over Ravan. Navratri is a holy Hindu festival, and one of the biggest ones celebrated in India, along with Holi and Diwali. So, how did you spend this Navratri? Hit us up in the comments and let us know!
Happy Navratri 2020: Wishes Images, Quotes, Status, Messages, Photos, HD  Wallpaper, SMS, GIF Pics, Cards Download

2. IPL
It was late in the night. The stars belittled us all. The huge, innumerable, bright stars showed us that we were just specks, unimportant. A whining sound came to my ears… it was a boy, crying. He sat out on his veranda, sobbing, crying. His eyes were red, his face pale. He sat in an infant position, curled up with his face in his hands. The air smelled of street food, something the boy seemed to like. But it was unimportant. His tears fell to the ground, like the crystal beads of a beautiful necklace, symbolising lost hope. He finally looked up, only to raise his hands questioningly at God, as if criticising him, interrogating him, asking him why? He opened his mouth and a guttural cry came out of his mouth, “CSK!!!!!” Ah! So my English project is done. And I bet you guys are all wanting to know who the boy is… and I will reveal that. The boy was (drum roll please)………………… ME!! And I mean seriously guys!! This season CSK has really let me down! I feel like doing all the things mentioned in the passage above, especially the ‘questioning God’ part. Why is CSK doing this to me!!!!

CSK Logo Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave
IPL 2020 : BCCI releases new logo for IPL 2020, check out

Sorry guys. Looks like it’s my time to go and weep. I should be done by the next time I have to write my blog, and until then, stay home, stay safe.

-Samarth and the team

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