Introspection is the key😉

Hello readers! Welcome back to The New World Order. Sirius Black (A character from Harry Potter) said that, ” We’ve all got LIGHT and DARK inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on that’s who we really are. As the month of October begins we can smell the festivities in the air already. The end of the Navratri brings in the celebration of Dussehra which is also known as Dashmi. We celebrate the good over evil. I wonder a man like Ravana, who was a scholar, a connoisseur of arts, who possessed a thorough knowledge about ayurveda, whose ten heads represented his knowledge of the six Shastras and the four Vedas, how could he make such a wrong choice which costed him his life?

The concept of evil and good has always been with us since the beginning of time. Since, the creation of the universe good and evil always existed. It depends on the nature of the person. We have both qualities in us and that’s why sometimes, we become double-faced. But the thing is, as time progresses, we must work on our negative traits and transform them into positive ones. In our life, we come across many challenging situations and predicaments, but we must learn and strive to act modestly and with integrity.

Make sure you kill the Ravan within yourself this year!

Our school, The Shriram Millennium School has always discouraged the idea of burning the effigy of Ravana, as it causes lots of pollution. Considering we are in Covid times right now, this is the best time to take this wonderful thought forward. Burning the Ravana is a sign of putting an end to evil practices and the celebration of good over evil. So this time, let’s conquer the Ravana within ourselves by letting go all the negativity and bringing in introspection in our life; thinking before doing anything.

I have heard that the world can be inhumane and untruthful, but I believe that in the end humanity and truth wins. I believe Dussehra gives us a lesson to rethink ourselves because most of time people overlook their own demons. We should take it as an example to kill/conquer the demon which is growing in us. All we need to do to kill the Ravana within us, is to keep the faith in our good self and think twice, maybe even thrice before we do something. If the conscience self tells us that it is wrong, we shouldn’t do it. If you see someone doing something wrong or making a wrong choice, don’t be harsh or rude to them, be a good person , try and explain them calmly. As it is said, good people are like candles, they will burn themselves to give light to others. That is exactly how you overcome and slay the Ravana within you.

The only thing these years has taught me is you can never run away. The only way out is the way in. Find your positivity and get rid of your negativity

Junot Diaz

Lastly, I will end by saying, be kind to yourself, you are amazing. You are good, you are worth it and surely slay the Ravana within you! Good luck my friends, I hope you enjoyed the blog and it was worth your time. Do leave a comment below, feedback surely helps us learn faster. Stay home Stay Safe!!

-Jiya and Team

45 thoughts on “Introspection is the key😉

  1. Extremely well written, Jiya! This time, I agree, instead of clogging up the atmosphere with the smoke from burning Ravan, we should rather burn the Ravan WITHIN us.

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  2. Hey Jiya! The blog is amazing! Well, Sirius Black is right about whatever he said! And I am sure we all will remove the Ravana within us. Keep up the good work!

    Regards your Sister
    Alisha Vig🥰😊😜

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      1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Don’t forget to go to our home-page and read more of our team’s blog! Hope you like them 😀


  3. Nice blog, Jiya. I totally agree. We should destroy the Ravana inside us. Love the quotes you used.Thanks for the reassurance, this was definitely worth my time. Please remember to stay safe!

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  4. It was amazing blog Jiya, your writing have depth in every word. You choose a right topic this time as festive season is about to start. I will surely kill my negativity or Ravan inside me. Keep writing, Best of luck for next blog

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  5. Hi Jiya,
    I still admire the true teachings given by Sirius Black and as guided by you ,will surely follow the practice of not burning the Ravan to protect air pollution rather killing the inner devils.

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  6. This is the most appropriate topic as Dussehra is just 10 days far. Dussehra is celebrated victory over evil. So msg is not to burn the effigy of Ravana rather we should kill Ravana within. Very well written blog Jiya. Keep writing. lv

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  7. Kudos to your thoughtfulness,

    Yes I fully agree to look within and then only we can find peace.

    All the best for your endeavours and you make all of us proud.

    God bless


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