A War I Won…

Hey readers!

Welcome back to The New World Order. Today’s blog is special as it is about my individual experience with COVID 19.

I contracted the coronavirus on 2nd June. My mother already had it since 31st May. I got it from her and moved into her room and started my quarantine. The first symptoms I developed a cough and a little bit of blockage in my nose; that’s when we knew that I might have Corona. I had a fever for about five days after which I recovered. I was still weak. Honestly, it was hard. It was not easy to have been in quarantine with no one to talk to nothing to do. All we did throughout the day was sleep and eat barely. We did not have much of an appetite but still, we ate forcefully. We were mainly on a fluid diet which was super gross. We had to drink a variety of liquids like Haldi milk, kara, and coconut water. We had a lot of other stuff which gave us energy; for example, threptin biscuits, Horlicks, etc.. In June, our school was off but we had a lot of holiday homework. I recovered on 15th June but I had not done any holiday homework. After the recovery everything was abnormal and our bodies did not seem to cooperate with us. My body was in shock to date and I have side effects of Coronavirus. The disease made my body vulnerable and exhausted. I was very frail.

I’ve heard people say that they want to be infected from the disease and recover immune to it but Coronavirus is no laughing matter. I’m not scaring you or anything but it is very dangerous and drains the soul out of you. Overall, it was a hard time for me, my mother, and the rest of the family. the thought of being alone is very depressing but phone calls from my friend every evening helped me survive. It was a pretty drastic experience but I am glad I got to experience something this bad. I learned that we have to know how to get through all kinds of situations in life. I look back and I am proud of how I fought and emerged victorious. Oh and also, I finished six seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine while in quarantine. I also had a pizza the day I was released to celebrate.

I hope all of you stay safe and none of you have to go through any of the things mentioned above. We will be back with another blog soon till then, stay home, stay safe!

-Avani Gupta and Team

16 thoughts on “A War I Won…

  1. Lovely blog, Avani! Indeed, this is a rather mischievous disease! I must say, am glad to hear you’re better now! Your blog is a reminder to remain firm, and a testimony to the fact that people who remain strong overcome the mightiest battles too! Kudos to you, and lots of love too!

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