The Joy of Giving!

Hey readers, likers, commenters, aaaaannnddd followers! Wassup? I think I can speak for all of us when I say THAT was a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG break. Oh, yes, I think it was.

So, before I start with today’s topic, I would really like to apologize to all our readers for that break. We were pretty busy with our exams. We thought we were going to take a break for only about 2 weeks, just to study for our exams, but a thing happened after another, and we sort of got carried away. Since we are now in Grade 8, we have a much more hectic schedule for exams, and in fact, we just got over with another set of them, and the next set is only in 2 weeks. I think you all are screaming in terror and running around your room, which was EXACTLY my reaction at first. I know, I know, a lot of you are worried for us right now, shedding tears for us, and yelling to the sky and the gods above, “Take me instead! NOOOOOOOO…”, but you needn’t be as worried as I speculate you are right now, for I know that the days ahead are dark, but we are STRONG. We will make it through! Have no fear, my comrades, for we will return in one piece… or maybe two, or three… but that’s not the point. All I ask of you, dear reader, is to honor my memory, to tell the world my story.

**Falls dramatically to the ground**

Okayyyy, that’s my Drama assignment, done! Sorry, I am a little too dramatic sometimes. (My sister is standing next to me reading this, and repeating “little” in a skeptical tone. Yes, dear sis, yes. Little.)

But, moving on, I can safely promise you that the mistake we made will never happen again, and we will give you regular alternate posts. Now, moving forwards.

Today’s topic is about the Joy Of Giving. First, I want to start by quoting a great man (or woman… I forgot. Whatever, that’s not the point), “Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege.” There are hundreds and thousands of people out there in the world, who don’t even have enough income to sleep on a warm bed at night with a full stomach. And then, there are the people in the world that use their money on things that they don’t even need, but rather, they just want. A woman (or man…Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―) once said that “The only difference between want and and need is self-control.” And that is exactly what humanity needs to build upon. It’s not wrong to want something, but it is wrong to want something when another needs it, and all we do with it is put it up for display.

Just lighting a lamp for another lights up your path too.

The world around us is flawed in many ways, but we should always take these flaws as challenges to humanity, and strive to right them. Greed is one of these, and this is the root cause to another flaw, and trust me when I say that this flaw is HUGE, for this flaw is Poverty. And the solution to this huge flaw is nothing but Giving. Every small action of compassion can help change the world. Giving your apartment security guard some tea in the morning goes a long way. So does giving the labor near you any extra or unneeded clothes. Or even giving some food to the beggars on the roads. And the joy of giving is not always necessarily based on helping out the poor. Even helping your friend with his homework is enough. (Though don’t exactly copy your answers in his notebook. Your teacher will DEFINITELY not think of it as joy of giving. Believe me. Yep, I speak from experience.)

Joy Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

So that is why, I ask of you, dear reader, to help out as many as you can. Every small act of kindness you happen to show to others, every big difference you make to mankind. Every time you give the needy what they need, every time you give a blow to the root of all these problems; Greed.

I really hope that we can all join our hands together and help change our world.

-Arrush and the Team

33 thoughts on “The Joy of Giving!

  1. Hello readers! Hope you are doing well. I just want you all to suggest a few topics on which you would like to read more on. We got a few a suggestions which includes books. On behalf of our team a sincere request please do tell us topics on which we can write on and what you want to read on

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  2. Oh wow! Nice blog Arrush. Our small efforts are what will count at the end. I agree with every point! (Apart from you being just a *little* dramatic) =D

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  3. Hey Arrush !

    I just loved your blog . Knowing you , fun had to be essential in it πŸ™‚ But the learning’s are more important.
    It’s always good to be empathetic and nothing is more joyful than the joy we get by sharing , helping others . Good read .


  4. You are indeed a Rockstar Aarush 🀩 smart intelligent funny and very handsome . This was brilliant writing and I loved the topic which is very meaningful πŸ‘πŸΌ Joy of giving is the BEST feeling in the world. Keep rocking my shining star 🌟
    Very good read


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