Art and Music are hand in hand!!!

Before the pandemic, music and art were small but important part in a business. It used to create a pleasant ambiance for shoppers and it would brighten up dull offices. Now, in today’s time we are all walking on thin ice, trying to save our jobs and businesses. Life has become beyond stressful. Hello, hola, namaste and bonjour to all readers, welcome back to the New World Order and today’s topic you must have already guessed. It is how music and art have a positive and a lasting effect on us. So sit back and read on.

Like a small boat in the ocean, sending a big wave into motion, like how a single word can make your heart open, I might only have 1 match but I can make an explosion. Explore yourself and go beyond your expectations. I know sometimes you can surprise yourself by doing the impossible but, always remember my dear friends that you got to expect the unexpected.

Sometimes things can come flashing to you!!!!

This is for some of the people who think that music and art work as distractions, so via this blog I would like to convey, that during this strenuous time how beneficial music and art can be for you. It serves a magical purpose, so here are some interesting facts.

  1. Art increases your achievements– For example a kid at school loves artwork and keeps drawing, the child uses his/her imagination. This imagination may be used in various fields including academics. Similarly, at work when you are creative you can achieve more in less time.
  2. Music can improve your memory– Let us say that you love a band and want to present its songs in music class, you will have to remember the lyrics. Therefore music sharpens the mind and makes our memory stronger.
  3. Music and Art enhance our creativity– When you draw any specimen you require your thinking skills which causes you to use your brain. You use your imagination which enhances your creativity.
  4. Art and Music build confidence- When in school or at home and you have to present a piece of music or a specimen of your art, you require the confidence and once you start it gives you more and more confidence each time. Building our skills further and presenting it in front of an audience always boosts our self esteem.

-Listening to music can have a relaxing effect on our body. It absorbs our attention, helps to prevent your mind from wandering and can help you in focusing. -Creating art and seeing art can help reduce stress and negative thoughts.

So hey everyone! You don’t have to be Picasso to enjoy art, it is your imagination, your thoughts and your vibe, it is what you think of it.

Our team here is sitting home and doing some artwork, so here are some pictures of our specimens-

This is our artwork do share yours too!!!!

Sharing a lovely Video and music clip to spread the joy of music and its positive effects.

After listening to this song you will probably feel motivated…..Don’t worry this time will pass! This is one thing that music does to you- Makes you feel motivated and calm, away from all the negativity and stress….

I would like you all to tell us what is your favorite band or piece of music via the comment section. I would like to end by stating this that “Music and Art give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination and a life to everything”

Step out only if its an emergency otherwise stay home, stay safe!

Jiya Vig and TeamπŸ˜€

25 thoughts on “Art and Music are hand in hand!!!

  1. What an absolute delight it is to read about something so significant yet not many are paying any attention to it… Well said Jiya…!!! Music is a force that has the ability to make us feel different emotions just with a change of beat… Great job sweetie… Keep it up…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Excellent work Jiya.. Look forward to some amazing Artwork from you and ofcourse the music…. Keep on writing.


  3. How beautifully you tell us the importance of Music & art. My Favourite band are ” Sanam” & “Junoon” . Keep writing Jiya, best of luck for next blog


  4. Well done Jiya your blogs are really engaging and informative!!
    Music is a world within itself, it’s a language we all understand..!! My favourite band is One Direction.
    Please do keep posting as you have an art of making any random topic pretty interesting.
    Stay blessed 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A well crafted blog actually helping us come out of the stress related to job and livelihood in this harsh time.

    Thank you for inspiring to move ahead with other aspects of life too through art and music.

    My favourite bands are MLTR,Backstreet Boys and Silk Route…


  6. It is always a delight to read your thoughts on making life look more beautiful through different channels.
    Your blogs are very interesting and inspiring, it makes us feel connected.
    Thank youπŸ™‚
    My fav band is “EUPHORIA”


  7. Jiya it is always pleasure to read your articals.Beta music & art are best friends. Music soothes soul & art gives food to brain. Keep writing .


  8. Nicely Written, Jiya. I completely agree, Music n art is keeping us away from negativity, for sure! 😊


  9. Sorry for the late comment, I just saw this blog, but this is so relatable and true. Music and are are definitely hand in hand. Great blog and I especially love the artwork!!


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