How Do Our Authors Express Themselves?

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the ‘New World Order’ where we promise to give you an uplifting and entertaining experience and try to make you all forget about everything bad around us. Today, I, am continuing our blog journey, and you’re in for a special treat.

My topic is how do our authors express themselves. So, there are many ways of expressing yourselves. Some sing, some dance, some paint, some mime. But one way that I feel is very important is… Writing!

All our authors love writing; hence we started this blog. But, we are not only bloggers, we like writing poems and many different kind of stories too. So, for today, I will present to you some poems and a short story that we have written.

The order in which the write-ups are presented are:

  1. Arrush
  2. Jiya
  3. Me (Samarth)

 The Catastrophe of the Banana Peel!

It was a grey day. People were standing on the pavement, cheering and waiting for the president to come into the narrow street, sitting in his personal luxury vehicle and waving from it followed by his fleet of limousines.

When the president finally arrived, the people looked up at him expectantly and silently asked him to give another legendary speech for his supporters. The president walked on the red carpet laid down for him, waving and smiling at the swarm of viewers. He motioned to his bodyguards to stay where they were and keep a lookout.

As he climbed the podium set up for him, he slipped, stumbled and then lay still on the ground. All this happened in the most dramatical way possible. “The president is shot!”, people said, their faces panic-stricken. No one moved for a few moments. Only after a few seconds, the entire crowd dispersed hazardously, people running to-and-fro, everyone trying to get to the safety of their homes. In no less than a second, the bodyguards and the military services were upon the crowd, trying to assure them, that no harm would reach them, if they just stayed still.

Slowly, whispers started to emanate from one of the corners of the crowd. Everyone turned their heads towards the president, their faces masks of pure horror. The president got up slowly, groaning and wincing in pain like a true zombie. Opening his eyes, he looked around, and once everyone got over the confusion, they helped him up. Looking closely, they saw the cause for the stampede, all the confusion and horror. It was a small, banana peel!

Looking back on it, the President still jokes about it, never forgetting to include his punch line for the joke, “Aha! The banana peel!”

-Arrush Sethi


-Jiya Vig

The Life of Birds

Soaring the high skies,

Roaming free,

Not having to say byes,

Buzzing like a bumblebee,

Who thought this day would come,

Where even birds were allowed to have some fun.

Over the green leaves,

The perfect time,

Like a human that heaves,

Like a poem with no rhyme,

We work and we find,

A nest, aligned.

Resolving the issues,

It came to save,

The messiah of us Jews,

From above we wave,

This virus we thank,

Heartfelt and frank.

But soon, things will resume,

We will be again encaged,

Nature will fume,

And we birds will be raged,

But now why think of that,

When we still are allowed to flap.

Thinking of those lucky birds,

He sat back retiringly,

Free beyond reach of words,

He thought tiringly,

We will bounce back,

And again, nature we will whack.

But nothing could be done,

But for now, the human could have fun.

-Samarth Sampath

If you enjoyed reading these, reach out to us in the comments section. We would love to hear from you and share more write-ups with you! Until next time, stay home, stay safe!

-Samarth Sampath

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