Changes in the Lockdown?

Hello! As promised, we are back with more exciting new things on the ‘New World Order.’

I am genuinely sorry as I have been on a break for 2 weeks or thereabouts, but today I promise to write an interesting blog to try to captivate your attention. Today, I will be writing on a topic that a reader asked us to write on, which is ‘What one thing would you change about this lockdown?’

I believe that life in lockdown has been pretty boring, and the highlights for me, there aren’t many. I know that the government has done their best to try and entertain and inform us while we are stuck at home. So, there are quite a lot of things that I would want to change, but, most of them are not feasible. I believe that there are 2 types of changes (feel free to disagree), the first being one that is made for oneself and the other being a change made for the betterment of the whole community. Today, I propose two such changes:

For Myself:

I would much like it if all kinds of people working in fields related to technology would be working full on (and I think so would they😉), with health constraints of course, simply because with so many break-downs of electronic equipment (including my computer and printer) it is becoming really difficult (for us at least) to stay in control and do everything smoothly. Also, it is becoming painfully tiring to sweep and mop the house again and again, so if all people working on electronics would be working, I personally would like it a lot. Like, at this time, household robots are so useful (of course, they should become accessible to all), simply because they save us from the pain of doing these tiring things again and again.

For the Community:

I know that all is being done that can be done to keep us entertained during this tough time. I appreciate the effort, but there are some gaps that I think can be filled (nature lovers, this one’s for you). For example, I have started watching this new live and interactive safari recently, which is broadcasted by Wild Earth. It gives an insight into what is happening in the forests of Africa during quarantine. I think that such an activity is feasible in many countries including ours. Oh! What I would give to see the beautiful and majestic Royal Bengal Tiger again! I believe that some of nature’s splendours are what we are missing in these times. A little bit of nature back in our lives, and we are ready to bounce back.

This, though, is what I feel. How about you tell us what you feel and would like to change in the comments section below! Along with that, please mention other topics that you would like us to write on, and, if you want, who you would like writing that blog. Stay home, stay safe, and stay entertained!

-Samarth Sampath and team

3 thoughts on “Changes in the Lockdown?

  1. Nicely written Samarth! Love your clarity of thought. I would like to hear whether the lockdown has affected or changed you personally – the effect it has had on your psyche. Has life slowed down? or is it faster because everything is online? Do you find more time to think and do things you could not have because of the travel to and from school? Has it made you reevaluate family and friend relationships?


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