A Happy Ending…

✌Hello Readers, and welcome back! The New World Order is truly sorry to keep you waiting an entire week for our next post! We do hope you’ll forgive us for this! Before I start with anything else, as always, I would like to wish good luck and fast recovery to all the COVID-19 patients.

Today, I, Arrush Sethi, will show to you a poem upon the importance of hope and courage, written by yours truly. It portrays mankind’s difficulties and how they have overcome each of them with nothing but courage and hope.

A Happy Ending…

  • Chaos has arisen,
  • Disaster unleashed;
  • Hear the ringing siren,
  • Corona virus is having a feast.
  • Death knocked curtly on the door,
  • In a jiffy it came in and spread;
  • No one knew what to do anymore,
  • No one knew what lay ahead.
  • Forced to live in fear,
  • Minutes trudged to hours, hours to days;
  • Forgotten was the ‘Corona’ Beer,
  • Reborn as COVID-19, our future was a haze.
  • It was in China first,
  • Italy, America, from east to west;
  • Life was not only difficult, it was cursed,
  • Nature was putting up a challenging test.
  • But then the humans found hope,
  • They learnt to survive;
  • They learnt to cope,
  • They learnt how to thrive.
  • They grew to be wiser,
  • Thank the fortunate fates;
  • No one was the miser,
  • They learnt from their mistakes.
  • All this came from courage and hope,
  • Endurance and vigilance;
  • They slowly climbed up the slope,
  • Gone was all fear and trepidance.
  • With hope and perseverance,
  • They finally perfected their thinking;
  • They settled matters with coherence,
  • Thy story finally got a happy ending.

-Arrush Sethi

I hope we find our happily-ever-after soon, too. All we only need is a few ounces courage, two or three kilograms powdered hope and quite a lot of hard work. Hmm… I don’t think our grocery store sells these. No need to worry, however! We’ll work it out. Until we meet again, amigos!😋

-Arrush and Team

7 thoughts on “A Happy Ending…

  1. Wowww!!! Such a wonderful poem. I am sure we will have a happily ever after. Such inspiring words cant put it better. 😊👏🤟❤


  2. I am so so so proud of you arrush. U write so beautifully. More power to u and ur writing. God bless u.


  3. Lovely poem Aarush Sethi .. you have pondered hope and courage for everyone through this beautiful poem . keep up the good work !!!!


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