What Will Happen Afterwards?

Hello! As promised, we are back with some more interesting and exciting new things on the ‘New World Order.’

As of today, there are many issues and concerns being raised all around the world. ‘When is a vaccine going to be invented?’ ‘When is the lockdown going to end?’ ‘When can we start going back to our offices and resume normalcy?’ But the most important question, the biggest question is, ‘What will happen afterwards?’

The video link above is one I need not repeat because of its popularity already, but what choice do I have? This is a video that is completely related to my topic and well, simply put, beautifully presented. I think that this captures precisely what we are experiencing today and exactly what we want to happen.

I read a lot of books that are from the 20th century and seeing how the lack of technology affects them amazes me. People talk to each other. People frequently visiting or living in the area will look at your face and tell if something is wrong, if something good has happened, like we can do with our loved ones. But, we can only do that when we look up and see each other’s faces, only if we converse. But between chatting on our phones, making friends online who aren’t going to be there when it actually matters, between seeing the latest news every second and well, pretty much every other activity that we do on electronics, when do we get the time? This video reminds what is most important, us, our loved ones and all those around us.

This blog is quite different to our others, where, instead of long paragraphs on what we think, we are requesting you to post what you think, on the comments section below. Respond, tell us what you think the world will be like later. Stay home, stay safe.

-Samarth Sampath and team

4 thoughts on “What Will Happen Afterwards?

  1. Very thought provoking… Well done Samarth this blog really makes us wonder… But will the prediction of all of this really happen or will life take a sharp U-turn like almost every time…. Wonderfully written. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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