Hola Readers! Welcome back! As promised, we are back with some more aspects we want to share with you about the “NEW WORLD ORDER” …

My heart goes out to all # CORONAWARRIORS, who are working in these diffucult times to help the community, while my hand is raised in a high salute. I would like all of you to take a moment out and pray for the speedy recovery of the current COVID-19 patients and for more power to the family members of fellow human beings who have lost this battle. πŸ™

"Forget the hardships of the day
And focus on your blessings
As what is done can’t be undone
But you can take the lesson."
- Ms. Moem

I am fully aware of the current circumstances, and that this phase of our lives is an arduous and challenging time. However, we can surely learn a thing or two from this #CovidQuarantine.

Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word – crisis. One stroke symbolizes danger while the other symbolizes opportunity, thus teaching us to find opportunities in the toughest of times.

Today, I would like to talk about the endless number of life lessons COVID-19 has taught us. Our lives have gone back to the basics and our generation has started to realize what it feels like to live in simplicity. Earlier, whenever anybody in my family used to talk about leading a simple life, I used to feel they are talking about a life that is boring and unentertaining. However, after being acquainted with this lifestyle, I feel simplicity means being inclined to nature!😊 This lockdown has been one of the most educating experiences of my life. The following are the lessons I have learned and am trying to inculcate in my life:

  • Patience – Even somebody as impatient as me has started to pick up the habit of being tolerant and learning how to lead an uncomplicated lifestyle. Earlier, when life was supposedly ordinary, I wanted to visit the mall or a confectionery, ever-so-often, but, because of the lockdown being declared, I haven’t got a chance to do so.πŸ˜… This somehow, has taught me to adjust with the current situation and realize that things may not always work my way!
  • Happiness – I am somebody who can get miserable at the most stupid of things and get irritated easily, but, staying at home has taught me to find euphoria and contentment even in the simplest of things! A few days ago, we played a simple game of treasure hunt online with my extended family. Although, it was a very basic game, I completely enjoyed it and will always relish those fun-filled moments!
  • Love – This epoch has permitted me to strengthen my bond with my family. Although I did mention in my previous blog how my family vexes and annoys meπŸ™„, at the end of the day, they are my family and I have spent some of the best moments of my life with them. This lockdown has granted me more time with them and I have been “having a ball” playing and conversing with them. One such instance was when I played a game of snakes and ladders while sitting on the floor surrounded by a few plants and a lovely weather to add up to the fun quotient. We kept screaming our hearts out and had an amazing time together!❀
  • Gratitude – Doing the household chores and errands has got in me a sense of gratitude and appreciation towards the people who have been helping us out in our work throughout our lives. I have started to realize how relentlessly and diligently they have supported us. I have now understood why Andre Gide had once famously and accurately said-“No human masterpiece has been created without great labour.” Thus, clearly stating how the helpers labour hard to complete our work. πŸ™
  • Nature – The chirping of the birds and the clear sky has definitely left me amazed and in admiration with the nature. This quarantine period has only invigorated and intensified my bond with the habitat (environment) around me. It has made me realize how important it is to save Mother Earth!
  • Learn – This period at home has enabled me to learn a few new skills and enrich the ones I had. I have started to bake very frequently and have found a new alluring and captivating obsession too!πŸ˜ƒ

I have cultivated a few values that I think are extremely important for a person and I am glad I could do so without much hard-work, just by being SIMPLE!

Before, I take your leave, I would like to remind you the value of staying calm and smiling, through an old saying- “When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.” I feel this is a saying which we need to etch into our hearts and make sure we keep positive.😊 AdiΓ³s amigos!

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“Stay Home, Stay Safe!”😊

29 thoughts on “#LESSONS(LECCIONES)!

  1. Another beautiful read my dear – very thoughtful and mature! It’s heart-warming to see my little girl is being sensitive to the environment, people and is developing a sense of gratitude towards both. May Life touch you in beautiful ways! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—


  2. Beautifully drawn a few lines by my. Redha SARISHA – PRINSES My Heart has made me PROUD of
    Your understanding & ability to enjoy the life during the changing wleel of our lives & I appreciate the Blog .God bless you & continue writing .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your written lines speak of your self culture.Most of your thoughts are enveloped in The Verses of GITA . can’t resist to send you my sincere words of appreciation.God bless you


    1. Thanks Much Nanu! Although, I don’t feel it is fair to compare my writing with THE GITA! It is a big compliment! Love you!❀😊


  4. What a lovely write up sarisha. Yes we all have learnt to be more tolerant, patient and optimistic thanks tobyhe lockdown. God bless u keep writing.


  5. A huge “Thank-you” to all those who have liked and appreciated my blog.πŸ™Your love and support helps me to do better next time. I will surely try my best to keep you entertained! Until we meet again- See ya!😊


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