Hello! As promised, we are back with some more exciting new things that we want to share with all of you, on ‘The New World Order.’

In the recent past, before COVID-19 came into our lives, we were being haunted by something much bigger at a grander scale. But that was something we chose to ignore. Yes, it was the environment. We are now experiencing the unexpected and the cause of it is the lockdown we are undergoing. The environment is magically, and inexplicably rightening itself and correcting the balance between pollution and nature.

Now, let me share somethings that I myself has experienced. Getting up in the morning, I can smell the dew coming from the parts around me, which is usually impossible because of the pollution, birds sweetly chirping from their nests, calling out to each other, which is usually distorted by the truckers, and the clear night sky (well, not like you can see the sky flooded with stars) with quite a few stars, which usually doesn’t happen because of all the pollution due to construction, cars etc.

Have you seen how much this, COVID-19, the lockdown, has helped the environment? Is it possible for us to do something like this every year? Keep a nation-wide lockdown for four weeks, spread over the year, one every quarter, in for the environment, for nature? #Home4Earth. I would be totally willing to do so. Would you?

The Delhi night sky is covered with smoke dust and a thick layer of pollution. It is almost impossible to see the twinkling stars in the night sky. Nowadays though, one of my favourite pastimes in the night is going out in my balcony and looking at the stars. Oh, that reminds me, there is a fun activity for all of you:

Do you guys have a telescope? Now’s the time to make best use of one. Wherever you have a good view of the sky, that is the best place (according to me) for this activity. The activity itself, is simple. Using a telescope, one has to find as many stars and/or constellations as one can.

To make it even better, you can have a competition, where you can all give one person a certain amount of time with a telescope, one can be the judge, and the person with the telescope has to find the most number of constellations as he/she can, in that time. Only the judge will know the position of the constellations.

This activity not only enables you to have fun and spend quality time with your loved ones, you also get a lot of peace of mind by star gazing. Spotting major constellations and the north star is a task. Giving it a competitive edge will make it fun beyond imagination.

Starry Night Sky Desktop Wallpaper (74+ images)

Creativity and positivity will burst out, no matter what. The current situation offers loads of creative and positive opportunities, much like this blog itself. Another creative opportunity I was presented with is lightening people’s moods with some rhyme and humor, and what better way to do that than a poem?

The poem will be in Hindi, as it is the language of my country, and for those of you who do not understand, don’t worry, an English translation is available below for you.

Today the whole world is reeling because of the COVID-19 problem, not knowing which bad deed has brought this upon us.

Young and old alike are hunted down and killed by this virus, and people from all religions, pray and remember their god.

The laughable fact is that what we have done in the past with others is what is happening to us today. ‘What goes around comes around.’

In these days a normal Indian would be keeping a tab on the weather, which would be his highest problem. Today, a normal person will be keeping close tabs on the deaths the virus has caused.

We have committed many bad deeds, and have been punished for that equally too, like this time you see, when we are begging for our own lives.

But don’t worry, we will understand and better, after a few years we will find our mistakes rectified.

(Please note that the translation is not word to word or literal. It is a general meaning of the lines of the poem.)

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

-Samarth Sampath and team

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