Learning The New Way!

Hello readers!

Keeping our word, we are back with interesting chatter for you here on the “New World Order.”

Roy T. Bennett once said, “Great things happen to those who never stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” Drawing inspiration from this, today we will talk about “learning” during the tough times in life.

Every situation teaches us something new, which all of us are experiencing right now. This self-isolation has taught those of us, who have part-time workers, to be independent. Many children and men have learned housework to help take the load off the working mothers. When you really start doing it, you realize it’s not half as bad as you thought it was. In fact, you can make household chores fun by adding some dance and music. My father started dusting the house which was a very rare sight to see. During this isolation I learned a very interesting thing; you have to walk backward while mopping the floor. That just proves that life never stops teaching.

Schools being shut make it more difficult for the parents to do household activities with us constantly eating their heads; therefore some schools are providing online learning modules along with practice worksheets to successfully engage the children, however, the smart ones that we are can still find a way to bug other family members and siblings. For senior grades, online classes are being held. I too have online classes five days a week on Microsoft Teams. The Shri educators ensure that the sessions are fully interactive and every child is on the same page. We also get homework on our parent portal which we get the answer key to one week after. We can also interact with the teacher via email. We have casual classes with our class teacher once a week to discuss the happenings. These classes have given us a chance to get to know her better.

Our school is even planning to make us do an online project which will give us a great experience for the future. The online classes sometimes are very serious but at the same time provide a much-needed distraction. I miss school a lot. In this situation, all we can do is wait. While I would love to start school tomorrow, it is more important to take care of one. I loved the morning greeting; every teacher would greet with a joyous “namaste Avani!” and flash a smile to my face. I miss my friends and the masti we did together. I love TSMS and am hoping my beloved second home will open its arms again for me soon.

Having said this I will depart now. Please do share your experience with online classes, teaching, or work. We would love the insights of teachers, students, and parents alike. Thanks for reading! See you next time here, on “The New World Order.”

-Avani Gupta and team.

6 thoughts on “Learning The New Way!

  1. Well said, it’s a time of new learnings and new beginnings.😊

    Hope you all can get back to being at school with your friends and teachers soon.

    Stay safe!


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